How to strengthen your business with Animated Marketing Video

Animated marketing videos are becoming one of the best marketing tools to increase web traffic and conversions.

Research shows that consumers are up to 85% more likely to buy a product or service after watching a product video.

  • Start with a high-quality video - They understand the “secret sauce” for creating videos that elevate your brand and send you soaring past your competition.

  • Tell a story - First, you must know your audience and what will resonate with them. Take time to understand buyer personas for your brand.

  • Keep it short - An explainer video is designed to replace long blocks of text and complicated videos– conveying a clear message in a matter of minutes (or even seconds, in some cases).

  • Make it visible - place your animated marketing video above the fold on your website, so it’s the first thing a visitor sees when they enter your website.

Those same viewers also visit twice as many pages and stay twice as long on your website, compared to visitors who aren’t offered an animated marketing video to watch.

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