Easy Content Marketing strategies for B2B Brands

‘It is said that traditional marketing talks at people while content marketing talks with them.’

The  survey found that there has been a rise in the number (18%) of respondents who’ve claimed to be focusing on content marketing.

With B2B marketers allocating about twenty-eight percent of their marketing budgets for native advertising, it indicates of the value brands give to content.

Trends on content marekting -

1. Individualisation

Those days are gone when the customer would accept a generic content which fits all the platforms now,

In a recent survey by Accenture, 70% of customers reported an inclination for content that was custom made for them. It’s not just customers who believe in personalization.

Monetate reported that 94% of digital marketers also believe that content individualization is the way to go.

2. Long form content

While short blog posts and articles continue to attract subscribers, B2B buyers are looking for more depth and value than a simple 500 word post can provide. While short posts may continue to generate significant traffic, they tend to have a shorter lifespan

3 . Influencer marketer

According to data from a report by Nielsen, 92% of people trust a company if it has been endorsed by other people, even if they don’t know them.

B2B content marketing derives most of its power from the endorsements of industry leaders, social media icons, and thought leaders. So social media marketers, brand specialists, and PR firms rely on influencer out marketing to help B2B businesses grow.

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