4 easy ways to drive conversions through Gamification

Gamification methods, show us that gamifying our processes leads to increased conversions, regardless of industry or audience. In a sense, gamification is about turning customers into active “co-creators”— delighting them while also encouraging their interaction and personal input.

1.Prizes and Rewards for Social Sharing - By offering the user a reward or prize, companies invoke the competitive, dopamine-releasing nature of us humans. E.g. Starbucks Rewards Program.

Combining gamification with social sharing is a great way to increase engagement while growing your audience

2. Open to Engagement - engages visitors, decrease bounce rates, and increase conversions. When users are already engaged benefitting from the brand they are more likely to convert from a lead to a customer

3. Having a Time frame - Adding a countdown is another effective gamification method that urges users to take action or convert, Adding an element of urgency, such as a game timer that’s about to expire at any second, encourages users to act fast

4.Competitive Leaderboard - A leaderboard is another way to capitalise on the competitive nature of users. It offers points for the number of dollars spent, reviews posted, Facebook comments left, and customer questions answered. Points can be traded in for purchase discounts.

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